No Racket, No Balls, No Tennis Partner? No Problem! Tennis Centres Can Help

When you want to play tennis, you do not seem to have an interested partner to play. When you are put on the spot to play tennis, all of a sudden you are without a racket or balls. What can you do in any of these situations? If you are lucky enough to belong to a tennis centre, you are in luck. Here is how.

Rent a Racket

Tennis centres are manned indoor places that frequently offer racket rentals. You may need to find a racket that fits you and handles well, but at least you cannot be disappointed by the inability to play because you forgot your racket at home. Rent a racket for an hour and play through.

Borrow a Few Balls

Maybe you remembered your racket and forgot your tube of balls? Maybe you thought your tennis partner was bringing the balls and nobody brought a single ball with to the centre? Do not worry about it. Since the ball shooters are equipped with several balls, the centre's desk employees can scrounge up a few loose ones and let you and your partner play, so long as you return the balls you borrow to the front desk when you are finished. 

Play Against the Machine

Your willing tennis partners can be scarce, which can be quite frustrating when you want to be the next John McEnroe or Venus Williams. At a tennis centre, it is not a big deal if you do not have a partner. Ask to play against the ball-shooting machines instead. While you may not be able to enjoy a good back-and-forth volley of the ball, you can get in much-needed practice bouncing around the court and smacking whatever the machine lobs at you from different directions. At the very least, it will help you get in a good cardio workout and stay fit for those times when you can find a partner. 

Take a Pro Lesson

If the ball-lobbing machine simply does not cut it for you, some centres offer "pro" lessons from trainers. You would not only pick up a few extra pointers on the game but also learn where your weak spots are and how to fix/cover them. The lessons are not free, but when tennis partners are scarce and you absolutely want to play against a person and not a machine, a lesson is the ticket. 

Reach out to a tennis centre near you to learn more.