3 Things You Should Know About The Canadian Firearms Safety Course And Examination

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is designed to teach people how to safely use and store firearms. This course is extremely helpful for anyone that is interested in learning gun safety; however, taking the course is not a necessity in all cases. If you are trying to determine whether or not you need to take the course, here are three things you should know.

You Need a Firearm's License

No matter what type of gun you plan on purchasing, having a license is a requirement in all parts of Canada. There are different types of licenses though, and you will need to make sure you get the correct type. Here are a few of the types available:

  • Possession – A possession license is only needed if you are already a gun owner, but do not currently have a license for your weapons. You can get this without passing a test of any kind, but it will not allow you to purchase any new guns.
  • Possession and acquisition – In order to purchase any type of new gun, you will have to apply for a possession and acquisition license. This license will allow you to buy a gun, but you will have to pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Exam (CFSE) to get approved for the license. Within this option, there are actually two different types of licenses. One is for non-restricted weapons and the other is for restricted weapons.
  • Minor – The third type of license available is designed for people under the age of 18. This license restricts minors from purchasing or using restricted firearms, but it allows them to use unrestricted types, which are ideal for hunting.

While you might not be required to take the Canadian firearms safety course, you are required to adhere to the rules relating to firearm licenses.

You May Be Able To Bypass The Course

The CFSC is designed to teach many things about firearms, including:

  • Safety tips
  • Information about ammunition
  • Types and parts of guns
  • How to store your guns and ammunition
  • Rules about transporting your guns
  • How to fire various types of guns

These are all important topics that you will learn if you take the CFSC; however, there are times when people can bypass the course and simply take the exam. To get certain types of firearm licenses, you will have to pass the firearm examination. The positive side of this is that you have the freedom to take the exam without taking the course. If you can pass the test, you will never have to take the course.

There are exceptions to this rule though. If you are a minor, you must still take the course before you can take the test. You will also be required to take the course if you were recently on probation, or if you would like to become a firearm instructor.

There May Be Other Requirements

If you decide to go ahead and take the course, you probably will not regret it. Even people that have a lot of gun experience often learn a lot through the course, and once you take the course, passing the exam will probably be a lot easier.

After passing the test, you can apply for the license you need, but you should be prepared for this. To get approved for a gun license, you will have to pass several checks. This includes a criminal background check and a mental health check. These checks are designed to protect the public by limiting guns to people that are capable of using them properly and safely.

Owning a gun is a big responsibility and taking the CFSC course can be highly beneficial to you. If you would like to learn more about this, contact a facility that offers firearms safety courses and sign up for one today.